Twenty-thirteen felt like a tornado - a thrilling adventure that was both terrifying and gratifying.  I drove around the country in a temperamental (but adorable!) bus and met more challenges than I knew existed.  I worked with photographers who blew my mind with their talent and their creativity.  I closed my gallery to focus fully on something I believe in with all my heart.  That was hard, and scary, and beautiful.  I made friends, and I learned how to (mostly) brush off negativity.  I was pushed past my limits and realized that maybe limits are optional. I am grateful for every small encouragement and especially for the big ones.  I am also grateful for every tough question and harsh criticism that pushed me to work harder, to be better, to keep moving forward.  I am grateful for this photography community and the inspiration I feel every day to share it with the world.

Thank you for an unforgettable, life-changing year.