You may have heard the news – Crusade for Art is launching a photography CSA on Wednesday. If you are familiar with the agricultural version (Community Supported Agriculture), you know that the concept allows a limited number of people to buy shares in exchange for goodies.

On Wednesday, fifty shares will be made available to the public for $350 per share. Six totally amazing photographers have been commissioned to create an image for shareholders in an edition of 50. Every two months, shareholders will receive two original, signed photographs in the mail, totaling six images over the course of half a year. 

I first heard about the art CSA concept when WonderRoot, a community arts organization in Atlanta, began this type of program last year. I did some research and wrote an article for PDN about CSAs and other art subscription services in February. 

We wanted to offer an art CSA for a number of reasons:

  • This is a program that benefits both artists and collectors.
  • The artists get commissioned to create work (in this case each photographer receives $2,000 to create a piece in an edition of 50 – paid in advance to make work!) and also gain 50 new collectors to cultivate relationships with after the CSA ends.
  • Collectors, both new and existing, get to explore (and own) the work of six different photographers at a price point that allows for experimentation. Not knowing the pieces you will receive adds to the fun. Shareholders are also able to collect the work of photographers at a price point that is significantly lower than purchasing a stand-alone image from any of the participating photographers.
  • This is a program that is easy to emulate, and we hope that you will. Are you a photographer interested in creating work, gaining new collectors, and getting paid? Grab some friends and create a CSA.

Strengthening the photography community, supporting the careers of emerging artists, and cultivating collectors – that’s what Crusade for Art is all about.