I have long been a fan of the Bobble, and will be so bold as to call myself an early-adopter. I'm just cutting edge like that. What's a Bobble you say? Let me fill you in on the best thing to hit your cupboard in years.

Bobble is a simple and smart solution to hydration. It's a water bottle with a built-in filter. Fill it up, and the water gets filtered as you're drinking. So when you're out and about and still have seven more glasses of water to go before hitting your daily goal, you just fill it up again with any old water and know that it will be good and purified by the time it hits your lips.

Since Bobble is the coolest product around, they know cool when they see it. And so they have agreed to be a sponsor for the Crusade for Collecting tour.

Head on over to the Crusade store to get your very own Crusade Bobble ($10!), in Lady Blue color, of course!