You are going to do it. You are now looking at your walls and are embarrassed to have bought that large flower canvas that is pretty but insignificant to you in every other way. But what to do now? Look at art. Buy what you love and learn why you love it. You do not need an art history degree to confidently put together a thoughtful and tasteful art collection.

The more art you see, the better understanding you will have of what you are drawn to and why. If you are concentrating on photography, which is a great and affordable medium for a first time art collector, there is a huge range of subject and style. Do you like landscape, portrait, documentary? Are you drawn to photographs with a lovely, ethereal quality, or do you prefer more of a straight representation of a subject?

Working with a gallery that has a strong reputation for showing quality work is a great first step to helping you figure out your likes and dislikes and will serve you well throughout your collecting career. The gallery owner/director is your go-to expert who can help you recognize connections between the pieces you are drawn to and suggest other photographers to explore. They can explain the background, context and significance of a particular image to give you the opportunity to create a deeper connection to the photograph.