Sometimes common sense eludes us, and the answers to our toughest questions are literally staring us in the face.  Case in point – all artists want to know what they can do to sell more work.  Here is the answer:  Keep in touch with the people who already support you. Cultivating the relationships you already have is the easiest and most important thing you can do to grow your audience.  As a collector, you can have one of two experiences.  You can buy an image and hang it on the wall, or you can buy an image, hang it on the wall, and know that you have helped support the artist that created it and have an ongoing relationship with him or her.  If you were the collector, which would you prefer?  Which artist would you be more likely to buy work from again?  Which artist would you want to continue to support and introduce to others?

Artists should be reaching out to their collectors and supporters at least twice per year, and it should be in a personal way.  While email newsletters are important to keep a wider audience up to date on your work and successes, your core supporters should also receive a hand-written note, a very small print or postcard with your newest image, or even a (gasp!) phone call.  Do not underestimate the power of the personal connection.  After all, it’s what drew these people to your work in the first place – they saw your image and felt a personal connection to it.  Increasing the depth of that connection will only benefit you both.

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