Yesterday morning I had the pleasure of being a guest on "Good Morning Atlanta", a live podcast series on Atlanta Business Radio X, hosted by the awesome Dana Barrett.  Last year I was on a show about art and ethics on the same program, and this time the other guests and I discussed art, religion, and meaningful work.  I love everything about these juxtapositions.  Yesterday before we went live on the air, one of the other guests, writer Jeffrey Small told us about his journey from real estate businessman to novelist.  He said he realized there was a difference between success and significance, and he realized that he wasn't being fulfilled in fundamental ways by his success as a businessman.  Isn't that why we make art?  To be fulfilled and find significance?  And isn't that what we are hoping to give to others through our art?  I think sometimes we get can caught up in thinking dollar signs signal success, and of course sales are important for all kinds of reasons, but being a part of this podcast inspired me to think about focusing on the core of it all and letting success come from within. Click here to listen to the podcast.