I am a fan of Joerg Colberg's snarky (and smart) blog, but I can't say we always agree. In a post today on photographers' use of social media, he suggests that using social media is essentially a waste of time and only serves to create a new standard where everyone must use it to stay on par - that there are a limited number of opportunities for photographers and using social media to try to snag one is very much a game of chance. I agree that there is a lot of pressure for photograpers to keep up with an ever-growing standard for social media use, I disagree that using social sharing sites is a worthlease endeavor. Photographers have an unprecidented opportunity to get exposure for their work by presenting it online. Instead of sitting at home and sending slides to galleries, photographers can post images and projects to their websites, blogs, tumblr, flickr. They can share what they are doing through twitter and facebook and whatever new thing pops up tomorrow.

I can sit at my desk in Atlanta and literally find work I want to show. And I do. Often. Maybe I didn't catch it the first time you posted on facebook, but I did see it the third time. Or someone else saw it and forwarded it to me. No, I'm not saying photographers should sacrifice time making images to promote them - not at all. Although opportunities may be limited, those opportunities are most likely not going to come find you. And who says you can't make your own opportunity? This just popped up on my facebook feed two minutes ago - for the third time.

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