Long before I had a gallery or a Crusade, I started a small photography portrait business, Snapdragon Photography, specializing in babies and families.  I emailed about twenty people I knew who fit that category, and I was off.  After a while, my email list grew, until one day I sent a newsletter update, and someone on the list marked it as spam.  After getting shut out of my email for days, I learned about email newsletter companies and “spam regulations”. In the twelve years since, I have tried several different companies – most notably, Constant Contact and MailChimp.  Constant Contact was a beast, and the templates were not especially intuitive or creative-looking.  Everything I made looked like it was coming from a law firm.  At some point I switched to MailChimp.  I fully admit to being lured by that adorable monkey with the cute sayings.  I was happy with the look and usability of MailChimp, but as my email list grew, the fees were killing me.  Because the Constant Contact and MailChimp fees were comparable, I assumed all email marketing companies had a similar pricing structure.


A friend tipped me off to Mad Mimi.  For starters, it was half the price.  I had been paying $75 per month and now pay $36 (I have an 8,000+ email list – the free plan supports up to 2,500 contacts).  And after years of trying to scroll through a gazillion different template options that all felt complicated and not quite right, Mad Mimi’s platform was so simple.  Mad Mimi doesn’t use templates – you pick color and drag and drop, and the whole thing looks fresh and creative and won’t make you pull your hair out.  You can customize, but you don’t have to fit a square peg into a round hole.

And so one day I was creating a newsletter about the Crusade to send out through Mad Mimi, and I thought I would approach them to be a sponsor of the tour.  The fit just seemed right – they are innovating their field in a way that is simple, accessible and affordable.  They were super receptive, and it’s been gang-busters ever since.  And I’m so over the monkey.  That Mad Mimi girl is some kind of cute, and she’s going to look awesome on Lady Blue!