Lady Blue rolled into Portland last Tuesday, and while I hunkered down in a conference room for four days to  meet with 48 different photographers and give feedback on their work for the Photolucida portfolio review, the Lady luxuriated in a garage across the street.  The trip from San Francisco was gorgeous and an absolute blast, but after three days of driving, Lady Blue deserved some downtime. But by Saturday afternoon, she was ready for some Crusading!  We decided to mix things up in Portland, after big events in Los Angeles and San Francisco where we parked on a busy street and set up display shelves and tables on the sidewalk.  We wanted to be more rogue and have a roving Crusade event, and so we had just three local photographers participate to more easily pile into the Lady and move from location to location.

I mentioned before how each city's personality has influenced the way people engage with the pop-up, and Portland was no exception.  The vibe of the city seems to be pretty low-key and unassuming, and that was definitely the vibe of the participating photographers!  When we were driving over to our first location, we talked about how to engage people walking by. . . if the bus had not been moving, I'm pretty sure these three would have jumped out and run away.

But alas, we got into a groove, and being on the move made it a lot easier to reach out to people.  We also received a lot of unsolicited treats in exchange for art - cookies, candy bars. . . Portland is awesome.  One man did refuse to participate in protest of the mandatory art tax just imposed here.  Portland is kooky too.

All of the photographs were gone in record-time, and we didn't even have a chance to move the bus to a different part of town.  It was really fun to be on foot and spread out a bit, and it has been exciting and educational to speak with people about art and gauge their reactions to the project.  More on that later. . .