The Lady’s gas gauge is notoriously unreliable (I once ran out of gas on the interstate, and mechanic #3 ran out of gas and was stranded on the side of the road during his first test drive), and so I thought it would be wise to fill her up first thing.  Apparently the environmentally-conscious California gas pumps have a vapor protection thing on the end of the nozzles, which makes it difficult/impossible to insert the nozzle very far into the vehicle.  Well, that just wasn’t working for her.  So every time I tried to put gas in, it poured out onto my feet.  Nice.

The gas station attendant was baffled and a bit of a language barrier had us at a standstill.  She suggested I head up the street a couple of miles to the 76, which had a mechanic’s shop attached.  We drove up the road, but said mechanic’s shop was actually a Taco Bell.  Not as helpful.  But that attendant had a lot more experience with the nozzle and was able to show me some sort of sideways move to make it work.  But, as it turned out (rather embarrassingly), the Lady already had a full tank.

So with a full tank of gas (although not according to the gauge), we headed out to explore the city.  First stop was Samy’s Camera, who is generously lending us equipment we need to film the entire tour.  Awesome place – four floors of photo amazingness. 

Tomorrow is the pop-up, and I’m pumped.  The blog love has been amazing, and I’m excited to bring some really strong photographs to the people – LA has got some talent, and the people walking down Abbot Kinney tomorrow are sure to notice!

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