In June we launched an art CSA, which sold out in just two days. Six photographers were commissioned to make an image in an edition of 50, and we sold 50 shares. Shareholders receive an original, signed and numbered photograph from each of the six commissioned photographers. A few weeks ago we shipped the second two photographs to shareholders, and next week shares for our second round CSA will go on sale! 

The above photograph, Multiple Red Spines by Kerry Mansfield, is one of the two most recent shipped to shareholders. Kerry talks briefly about her CSA experience in this interview with us:


Had you heard of an art CSA before? What were your impressions of the idea?

Prior to working with Jennifer I hadn't been exposed to an art-based CSA before the opportunity arose.


What about the program made you interested in being one of the participating artists?

It's such a great idea in general, and when applied to photography it's a brilliant recipe for both the artists and Jennifer to share and sell work affordably. In addition, as one of the initial participants I was really delighted with the caliber of company for the first CSA round. It's always an honor to work with peers that you respect individually and along with their work.


How has your experience been so far, and what else do you hope will come as a result of participating?

The CSA program was a great experience across the board, and Jennifer made it as easy on the artists as possible. I've gotten some additional recognition from new collectors and also had a print purchase inquiry from a share holder regarding more imagery from the same series featured in CSA. 


Please tell us about the piece you created and how it fits within your larger body of work?

The Multiple Red Spines piece represents a much larger series about ex-library books and their expired beauty. While the series is quite large and showcases many different angles and tomes, the overall look and feel of the CSA selected image reflects the Expired work with it's detail and evidentiary presentation quite well.