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Capitalism and Art – Is There A Match?

Camille Paglia’s Wall-Street Journal article, “How Capitalism Can Save Art”, came at just the right time for these eyes. She laments the loss of creativity and innovation in the arts due to “an expansion of form and a contraction of ideology”, but notes an escalating presence of ingenuity and acclaim in more commercial arts-related fields such as architecture and industrial design. Paglia says, “Artists should learn to see themselves as entrepreneurs.” I couldn’t agree more.

All of the risk seems to be in middle-class kids choosing art as a major instead of the more practical fields advocated by their parents. And then what? Lots of hipster coffee sessions lamenting the suffering of an artist.

Hey, hipster coffee places are cool. I’m sitting in one right now. But that’s about as far as you’re going to get with me, because I’m an action girl.

Get out there. Shake it up. Figure it out and go big.

Make your mark. Isn’t that why you are an artist?