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I Got a Corn Pipe and a Moon Pie in the Mail

for reals. A few days a box came to the gallery, addressed to me.  Because we have a show opening on Friday night and we are literally receiving deliveries every hour, we assumed this box was work for the show.  When we opened it today, we found this. . .

Yes, that is a Moon Pie.  Along with a corn pipe, a bag of tobacco, an obituary, and a hand-made zine made on an inkjet printer from 1998.  In other words, this was the best gallery submission in the history of the universe.  If that's what it was.  I'm not even sure.  But I do know that I have now scoured Matt Ivey's website, and if and when I get to meet him face to face, I will give him a high-five for being a badass.

What's the take-home lesson here?  Be creative.  Be you.  Art is about the connection, so give people an opportunity to connect.  I have written ad-nauseum about submissions where people send an unmarked disc in a cardboard mailer.  Now this didn't have a cover letter either, but it had a Moon Pie, and it gave me enough to be curious and want to figure out whether or not the Moon Pie was safe to eat.  Matt Ivey, you totally rock.

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