Well folks, it was harrowing. I have been totally terrified to drive my bus, but after a solid week of positive self-talk, I decided to embrace the challenge. Maybe "embrace" is over-selling it. Have you seen that giant wheel? The stick shift of terror? Good thing she's so pretty. . . My friend Jeni agreed to risk life and limb to come with me to capture my maiden voyage on video. Brave soul, that Jeni. She's a true crusader for art.

We arrived at the mechanic's, and he had Lady Blue hoisted up high so we could walk underneath while he pointed out the various issues that needed repair. I honestly have no idea what he was talking about, and I was way too concerned that we would burst into flames from him smoking his cigarette so close to mechanical things. Oh, and I was very busy taking iphone pictures.

Richard (the smoking mechanic) offered to take us for a spin around the block to show me a few things before I ventured off on my own. Apparently, the stick shift of terror is really something to fear. It has a mind of it's own - a quirky little personality which I will have to learn, and I will have to rely more on intuition than actual shift/clutch rhythms.

The video gives you a taste of how the test drive went. In a nutshell - Richard peels out, stalls, bus dies, we get a jump, I take the wheel, I begin swearing like a sailor, hilarity ensues, Jeni gets whiplash.

We did eventually make it back to the shop. Clearly all of those things Richard pointed out under the bus need to get fixed. And I need intensive driving lessons. . .