Every time I go out of town (Portland for a weekend, Santa Fe for a few days), people ask where the bus is and how the tour is going. Or I'll be out to dinner with my husband and the kids, and we'll run into someone who asks, "Hey! How did your big trip go?". Ok, clearly there is some confusion I need to clear up!

Last October I did a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to buy a bus, and the success of that campaign landed me Lady Blue. She is lovely, and a bit temperamental. She lives at the mechanic's, and I have all of my fingers and toes crossed that soon she will be road-worthy.

The original plan was to leave in March. But I'm itching for the road. Plus, I think Lady Blue may need a few regional trips under her belt before she tackles the open road. So we are scheduling New Orleans, Miami, Savannah and potentially a few others, starting in December.

And to clarify, WE WILL BE GIVING AWAY ORIGINAL, SIGNED PHOTOGRAPHS. That’s right. Not selling, giving. This is a non-profit, arts engagement project. We are building an audience for photography.

Lady Blue and I will be cruising up to the center of town, pitching our art tent of fabulousness (showing all photography from the online project, The Ten), giving away photography and creating collectors on the spot. High jinx, gorgeous images and loads of charm will turn even the most skeptical passerby into an art enthusiast (or at least make an impression and start a conversation).

So get excited. It's just around the corner. Crusade away!!!!!