When we created the Crusade Engagement Grant, the goal was to get a lot of photographers to think about how to connect new audiences to their work. After all, we're all about creating demand for art and helping photographers find collectors. Creatively. Because nobody clicks with boring.

The applications came in droves - apparently, winning $10,000 was pretty appealing! And we painstakingly reviewed each program idea, assessing them for innovation, practicality, and impact on community/sustainability. Ten finalists were invited to fill out a longer application with budgets and timelines, and the selection committee is reviewing them now.

While we wait, we wanted to get your input on which ideas you like best. And maybe one of them will spark an idea for your work! So get your inspiration on and take a look at the ten finalists. The winner of this popular vote will receive $1000 to help implement his or her project, so help an artist out and cast your vote today. Voting ends this Friday, July 25 at midnight EST.