The melding of process and subject make this landscape work especially compelling, both visually and conceptually. Kyra submitted this project to Crusade for Art, and I have come back to it again and again. I think you will too.


Transcriptions of Loss BY Kyra Schmidt

Transcriptions is an investigation of how we experience the universe by way of nature and how the photographic medium can exemplify or transform this experience. It is an evaluation of representation of the landscape as a means to propose alternative ways of experiencing a place. My goal is to present a dialogue between the landscape and the photograph itself to challenge our preconceptions of what a document can be.

By focusing on the surface of photographic materials and light, time, chemical, and digital interactions, this work explores integral features of photography in order to reveal new ways of experiencing the visual, material, and ephemeral aspects of environment. I use the natural environment of each site to produce camera-less imagery while simultaneously exploring both the macro and micro vistas of a place. The camera-less prints are then superimposed onto digitally captured images of the landscapes within which they were created as a way to ground each piece within its site of origin. Here, the medium is the message and it opens up a multiplicity of meanings to present views that are outside of our limited perception and only made visual through the inherences of photographic recording processes. In this context, I hope to propose ways of thinking about how the medium’s materials and processes combine to create meaning and spark imagination.